Secondary Market

Interbanco Group is active in the placement of secondary commercial loan markets; structuring and negotiating transactions for and on behalf of client financial institutions. The Group provides full-service credit facility and brokerage services relative to the following:

1. Whole-loan Trading (sales and acquisition):Our Group is active in trading commercial whole-loans and whole-loan pools in the (private placement) secondary markets (in a fee based brokerage capacity) for and on behalf of midsize client financial institutions.

2. Loan-Participation (structure and placement):Interbanco has Inter-bank credits which are a niche area of specialization of our Group. The Group's routine interaction and relationships with both banks and "non-bank" commercial lenders ideally positions the Firm to assist in the structure and placement of single asset Loan Participations by and between midsize bank originator/sellers, and compatible bank and non-bank lender/investors. Also, the Interbanco Group actively initiates and pursues structured loan-pool participation opportunities on both the buy-side and sell-side in the secondary markets, providing pool-stratification, evaluation, pricing, credit-enhancement, and institutional private-placement services for midsize client institutions.

3. Financial Markets.NetFMN is a web-enabled e-commerce, business-to-business (B-2-B) vertical marketplace that (i) serves as an electronic trading platform for buyers and sellers of commercial whole-loans and participations, and (ii) provides buy/sell transaction listing and support services for buyers and sellers of (a) lower middle-market loan-participations and loan-pool participations, and (b) commercial mortgage whole-loans, loan-participations and loan-pool participations, in the secondary market. The goal of Financial Markets.Net is to provide a focused platform for trading lower middle-market sector commercial loan assets in the secondary loan markets.

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