Our Company Overview

Interbanco Group is an Investment and Financial Management Firm based in South Africa. We specialize in structured Finance and Financial re-engineering products and services; utilizing the re-insurance oriented products to archieve our credit enhancement, risk management and financing objectives.

Our Group has two main business lines,
i) Intermediation in financial risk markets, where we advise clients in financial risk insurance and re-insurance markets. The synergies between these complementary lines of business to form its flagship structured finance practice, and
ii) Intermediation in debt capital markets, where the Firm acts as arranger and adviser in the institutional secondary and primary commercial loan markets.

  • Our Approach

    Interbanco Group's services and products comprises of Financial strategies, Structures, Techniques and Instruments designed and utilized to enhance investment and financial performance. Our approach is essentially Banking, with market and client driven products designed and implemented to facilitate investment and finance (across a range of credit transactions) by
    (i) improving risk adjusted returns in the secondary loan markets, and
    (ii) broadening the investor base and improving liquidity in the primary markets.

  • Our Vision

    The Interbanco Group promotes and introduces the traditional and innovative financial products and services to support and facilitate capital flows to the lower middle market sector of the economy.

    Our Mission

    Our mission, as a pre-eminent investment banking and risk management firm, is to deliver and manage structured financial products and services that lead to enhanced investment and optimum returns on your investment.

    Our Strengths

    The Interbanco Group's secondary market / risk management posture both differentiates the firm, and provides a distinct advantage in terms of tactical and strategic focus, better positioning the Firm to formulate effective portfolio strategies, and provide real-time market input on valuations, arbitrage opportunities, and risk mitigation.